Naomi's Vision

Naomi Cidi has made a name in the field of Corporate and Organization Management. She is already a household name in the Corporate world in her native Kenya. Her vision is to leverage her vast experience, unique skills and strong innate leadership qualities delivering their quantum value to her Management Consulting clientele

Naomi is dynamic and results oriented, driven to add value to client and individual lives. Her vision is to continue to grow her Management Consulting activities in the Eastern African region. It goes beyond profits and money to enriching lives.

Naomi Cidi's vision is inspired by a belief in God. She acknowledges His inspiration: in her opinion it is God inspiring and giving the energy for all the past, present and future achievements in her life.

Vision for the Coast

Naomi Cidi has began together with other leaders from the Coast Province, a journey to Unite all communities living there with a view to empowering the people. She is in a group of Civil Society Organizations that have come together to work with the Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) to find a Common Agenda for the Coast Province irrespective of party affiliation.

As CPF Patron, she has attended three re-treats of the CPG by invitation where matters relating to the Coast province were discussed. For the first time in History of Kenyan Coast Politics, 17 out of the 21 MPs in this region gathered together to discuss issues such as the Draft land Policy, the Constitutional Review Agenda in relation to the Devolution Debate - read Majimbo. The Coast Communities are for Majimbo, as we believe its the answer to all the historical injustices in this region.The Privatisation of KPA - Kenya Ports Authority - was also discussed and so was the boundaries commission, Education of our people, and lack of it, utilisation of the CDF Funds, Civic education for our comminities etc etc.

In every re-treat or forum that she is invited to, Naomi advocates for the inclusion of women in all discussions emphasizing that the Woman is the best Agent of change in all areas of human life and the best implementor of programmes because of woman's ability to multi-task. Her voice was clearly heard manifested by the resolutions at the Mombasa Beach re-treat.

Naomi is passionate that Coast Unity can and will be realized. She has vowed to work with CPG through CPF for the empowerment of all Wapwani in general and the Wapwani Women in particular.

She believes, through Upeo Investment Company,(Upeo Ltd.; www.upeoinvest.com) which she chairs, that Coast communities will sooner than later have an investment vehicle that will enable Wapwani to get into partnerships with any investor coming to the Coast Province and will and can have a voice, where any investor coming to the Coast will only partner with coast Communities in all areas of investment.


Additional Information

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