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Naomi's Bio

Ms. NAOMI CIDI KUMABTHA is currently operating in the Great Lakes region on an Aviation Consultancy Contract, opening offices for a small airline in the Cities of Bujumbura and Bukavu.

Ms Cidi, a communication and marketing expert has distinguished herself as a person with demonstrable management acumen. She is particularly strong in the fields of Marketing, Public Relations, Personal Management and Industrial Administration. She has vast experience in corporate management having served several organizations over a number of years at very senior management level including four years as Deputy Managing Director of Kenya Airports Authority – a public body entrusted in the management of the entire airport infrastructure in Kenya. At Kenya Airports, she helped steer the organization successfully and was instrumental on the development of both short and long term plans for expansion of infrastructure and service delivery with the main aim of steering them to march world’s best practices. Kenya Airports Authority is one of the country’s most strategic institutions in terms of its role and also one of the largest organizations in terms of assets and personnel.

She has also previously worked as General Manager in charge of Sales at Kenya Airways where she was instrumental in developing and implementing marketing strategies for Kenya, managing a large team of marketing staff stationed across several sales offices in Kenya and initiating alliances and cooperation with other stakeholders. Her effort resulted in record performances in terms of growth in passenger numbers and revenues. She helped introduce the International Passenger Protection Insurance (IPP) in Kenya.

She has also in the past served as General Manager of the Tourism Foundation where she assisted in the setting up of a Tourism Data Base for Kenya and also as Regional Sales Manager for Gulf Air and Sales Representative for Brazilian Airlines.

Among her other achievements include having successfully marketed the then newly established Kenya Duty Free Complex from 1992 to 1995. She designed and implemented a very effective marketing and publicity Campaign for the First Africa Military Games in 2002. Her efforts contributed to the huge success of the international event enabling it to enjoy global television coverage and generated substantial funds through fund raising and sale of merchandise and advertising rights.

She is past chair of the Board of Airlines (BAR) also past Chair of APJC in East Africa. She is an active member of The Institute of Director (IOD) Kenya, The Marketing Society of Kenya and past member of SKAL Club. She is Patron to the Coast People Forum (CPF) and Chair to its Economic Development affiliate UPEO Limited, which organized the First Coast Investment Conference that was opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya. She is Patron to Kakoneni Primary School and One of the Founders of Kakoneni Girls. She is credited with donating the very first Uniform for Kakoneni Girls. She is also a member of the Board of Governors for Mekatilili Secondary School.

Ms Cidi endeavours to make her contribution to the empowerment of the general welfare of Kenya through the promotion of women economic development and advancing good corporate Governance. She initiated and launched the Malindi Women Development Trust to help village women in Malindi establish small scale business and exploit available natural resources such as the Neem Tree which grows wild in Kilifi County.

She holds a Masters of Arts Degree (MA) and high Diploma in marketing from McGill University in Canada. She has also attended a number of specialized seminars and workshops in all areas of marketing and personnel management, international labor laws and laws of Kenya, and customer service related to all products and based on international standards. She is computer literate and multi-lingual with an excellent command of the English Language, Kiswahili, her local dialect Giryama and a good knowledge of French. She is widely traveled, claiming to have gone around the world at least twice by the year 2003.

She reads and reads and reads on various topics particularly on corporate management and social issues. She believes in Education, 120%. Especially the education of the Girl Child as she also believes that women are the best agents of change, bearing in mind their ability to multi skill in all areas of family life.

Ms Cidi is a director of several registered companies including Cidi International, a management consulting company and the Jazz Company, a Christian Organization that distributes Christian Music in all forms of both local and international Christian Publication.

After the parmalgation of the new Constitution, Ms Cidi worked alongside the CPF Executive Committee to host a Civic education all Women Conference to educate the gains made for women in the new constitution. Thereafter another conference for all the Six Counties of Coast Province for men and Women for the same civic education on how the Coast Province should take charge of their affairs in line with the new Constitution. This civic Education of the new Constitution is being rolled out to all individual counties, also giving Civic Education on the New Constitution and gains that the women of the Coast Province can and will enjoy.

This Giryama Lady from Malindi Constituency, having come from humble background and born and brought up on a small village called Kakoneni is arguably one of the most educated and regarded as highly successful in economic terms. She owns properties in Nairobi and Malindi but also has a mordan house in her village, where even in the absence of power, she was able to bring DSTV to her home.

She comes from a family of 9, men and women that are all educated and successful in their own right. Her father , Mr. Samuel Kumbatha Balicha, who died in 2009 at an age of 116 years was one of the very first Giryamas to interact with the first missionaries visiting the Kenya Coast. He made sure all his children, both boys and girls went to school. Her mother, who lives in her village home is believed to be 94 years old and is still active in social life.

Ms Cidi’s Roll Call now for all Coast women, which she is privileged to give through CPF, is Education, Education, Education. She tells all Women from the villages in Coast Province that if she can do it, anyone can and should. She walked 8 km daily to school, come rain or shine, chasing education that she believes is what made her who she is today. Her elder sister, Ms Sara Dama Chitavi, is her role model has a school in Tezo – Bustani Academy. Ms Sarah Dama mentored Ms Naomi Cidi in her formative years and encouraged her to pursue higher education.

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